Carlaw Industrial Centre
Carlaw Industrial CentreCarlaw Industrial CentreCarlaw Industrial CentreCarlaw Industrial Centre

The first building of the complex as we know it today was built in 1924. Some industrial structures were here even before. It was expanded from the 1930s to the 1950s to its current size.

Starting in 1986 all of the infrastructure was replaced including updated electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Consistent maintenance by our knowledgeable staff keeps it up to date.

The downtown east neighborhood of Toronto has become quite popular in the recent years; buildings are being converted to lofts and condominiums, others are under renovation, few new photos ➔ are reflecting this imporovements. There is a lot of new development breathing life into structures from the early 20th century. We are very proud of our heritage building complex and are glad to provide services for the community, with tenants ranging from light industrial, sophisticated retail to creative professionals. Helping them become successful is our main objective.

On the Toronto map [right] from the year 1930, Carlaw Industrial Centre is marked with the red box. Notice that Dundas Street just south of our complex does not exist yet. Today's port area, south of "Roadway" (now Lake Shore Boulevard) is marked as a "Proposed Industrial Zone". More interesting detals from the past and old photos from the area you can find on the next few pages


Carlaw Industrial Centre, Toronto Carlaw Industrial Centre, Toronto
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